Abe group denying sexual slavery


Japan included in "2019 Diplomatic Blue Book" a sentence that "the expression called sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army should not be used as it is contrary to the fact".

In the final analysis, it means that reasonable is Japan's assertion that the sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army were the "prostitutes and their behaviors were the voluntary services for money".

The gangster-like sophism of Japan unaware of ethics and dishonor is, indeed, the height of turning black into white and the unpardonable mockery of not only the victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army but also the entire Korean nation which suffered all sorts of misfortune and pain owing to the Japanese imperialists' aggression in the last century.

The open denial of the well-known crime is an impudent act intended to distort Japan's history of aggression and evade the settlement of its past.

It is the unpardonable crime against humanity that Japan reduced women of several countries including 200 000 Korean women into sexual playthings, ruining their youth and infringing upon their rights.

Human history records a lot of wars but knows no such a group of beasts as Japan which established the system of sexual slavery by exercising the state power and used women as a means for realizing its ambition to invade other countries while taking them to the battlefields by force.

The sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army is, indeed, the most inhuman, immoral and brutal crime against humanity of all the war crimes committed by the island nation.

Hundreds of thousands of female victims who were reduced into playthings of the Imperial Japanese Army were by no means those "giving mental comfort to officers and men serving on the front" but slaves who were deprived of their basic rights and right to existence, to say nothing of dignity as woman and human being.

The Japanese imperialists not only violated women as they pleased, treating them nothing less than animals but also did not bother to commit such heinous crimes as shooting, burning, burying and killing them in group in every quarter to cover up the truth of their crimes.

This is the truth of history which can never be buried.

Despite the disclosure of the sexual slavery committed by Japan one by one by the testimonies made by the victims and records of history, Japan works hard to delete the parts related with its crimes from the textbooks and check the erection of statues of girl sexual slaves.

Not content with such attempts, Japan specified in a sentence in an official document that an expression which means the sexual slavery should not be used.

The Abe group's impudent behavior doubles the will of the Korean nation to settle accounts with Japan, its sworn enemy, without fail.

The settlement of the past is the unavoidable responsibility to be owned by Japan.

The Abe group should make an honest apology for the sexual slavery against humanity and make sincere reparations for it, not to engage in unreasonable acts as now.

(KCNA - November 26, 2019)
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