What Japan seeks in justifying armed buildup

Japan 2019 Defense White Paper
White Paper
Japan, 2019

Commentary in Minju Joson

Japan recently made public the 2019 Defense White Paper.

The white paper was released for the first time after mapping out the "defense program" and "Midterm Defense Capability Buildup Outline" last year.

It includes the development of the capacity of observing the outer space and the rebuilding of the escort warship Izumo into an aircraft carrier for alleged defence of the island.

What should not be overlooked is that the Japanese reactionaries are justifying their moves for bolstering up the military muscle under the pretext of the "threat from the neighboring countries".

It is sophism and that it is Japan's nature to draw water to its mill by faulting others.

The threat is spawned by Japan which is emerging as a dangerous force of aggression seriously threatening the peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

Notwithstanding the reality, the Japanese reactionaries are describing their moves for turning Japan into a military giant as the ones to cope with the "threat" from someone so as to calm down the public denunciation and pressure at home and abroad.

Clear is what they seek. It is their intention to justify the moves for a military giant and realise the wild ambition for overseas aggression at any cost by persistently trumpeting the "threat".

The Abe regime in particular is going to use the "threat from neighboring countries" for the constitution revision, their political top priority.

Japanese reactionaries would be well-advised to stop trumpeting the "threat" which will work on nobody and the moves for overseas aggression at once.

(KCNA - October 9, 2019)
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