South Korean newspaper calls for prosecution reform

two million people demanding prosecution reform
About two millions participated in the Candlelight Cultural Festival, Seoul, September 28. (Photo Voice of People)

The south Korean internet newspaper Voice of People carried an editorial on Sept. 30 calling for prosecution reform in south Korea.

It recalled that a mammoth candlelight rally was launched in Seoul on Sept. 28.

It blamed the chief prosecutor for not reflecting on his conduct of having disturbed the prosecution reform while saying that he would do his best for realizing the public intention for prosecution reform.

Noting that candlelight-holding citizens again took to streets after two years and a half, it said their action clearly showed that the prosecution can never lord it over the people and the ruling and opposition parties should ponder over that fact.

The "National Assembly" can never escape punishment by the people if it fails to pass the bill on prosecution reform in time, it held.

(KCNA - October 2, 2019)
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