South Korean crooked politicians' farce


Crooked politicians of south Korea persist in provoking the DPRK.

The riff-raff in the south Korean "National Assembly" recently orchestrated a farce of adopting a "resolution for denouncing the north's accelerated development of nukes and missile provocation and preventing its recurrence, asserting that the DPRK's step for bolstering its capabilities for self-defense poses a threat to global peace and stability and goes against the idea of the north-south agreement in the military field.

This is just an intolerable insult to the DPRK and an unpardonable crime that pushes the deadlock in the present north-south relations to a catastrophe.

As already clarified, the DPRK's step for bolstering up its state capabilities for self-defence is an entirely just one for exercising its physical power, which pertains to independence of a sovereign state, and no one is entitled to find fault with it.

The U.S. and the south Korean authorities are wholly to blame for compelling the DPRK to take countermeasures for removing potential and direct threats to its state security.

The war-like forces of south Korea, though they were well aware that their moves would certainly provoke a strong reaction by its dialogue partner, have persistently staged joint military drills irritating and threatening the DPRK and introduced offensive military equipment.

Behind the scenes, they conducted more than ten ballistic missile tests targeting the compatriots in the north. They are mulling conducting such test even abroad.

This being a hard fact, political racketeers of south Korea cooked up a "resolution" taking issue with and criticizing the DPRK, just like a man shouting wine and selling vinegar. It is a political farce reminiscent of a thief crying "stop thief!"

As a saying goes that the leopard cannot change its spots, it is not surprising that the conservative coteries of south Korea including the "Liberal Korea Party", which have desperately disturbed national reconciliation and unity and national reunification, are spouting rubbish inciting confrontation with the compatriots in the north and adding fuel to the escalating tensions.

What cannot be overlooked, however, is the fact that the ruling party of south Korea, which talked more than any others about improvement of the north-south relations and reunification, actively took part in the fabrication of the provocative "resolution" in collusion with the LKP labeled as a treacherous party.

This goes to clearly prove that its rhetoric of dialogue and peace is just hypocrisy.

It is self-evident that it is not possible to discuss the destiny of the nation with those who unhesitatingly throw away the north-south agreement and commit high treason for the sake of their partisan interests and policy.

The DPRK will never pardon any political forces of south Korea provoking it.

(KCNA - October 11, 2019)
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