South Korean authorities should exercise prudence


The south Korean military authorities have become keen on introducing ultra-modern military hardware targeting the DPRK.

At the recent "parliamentary inspection of the administration", the military warmongers called for developing and updating lots of military hardware such as laser-guided anti-air weaponry, cyber and electronic warfare equipment, nuclear-powered sub, large transport ship and coastal detector and bringing in various sorts of sophisticated arms and weapons including stealth fighters, air tanker and drone allegedly to cope with threats from the DPRK.

The record arms buildup now pushed forward at the expense of astronomical amount of money by south Korea, not content with those that have already been brought for aggression, is an act of defiance against the Koreans and the international community aspiring after stability and peace on the Korean peninsula and in the region.

From the beginning of this year, the south Korean military group has persisted in the introduction of offensive weapons including F-35A and held more aggression war drills with outsiders than last year, maintaining that "there is no change in military posture despite the south-north agreement in the military field".

The arms and weapons which the south Korean military is going to develop and bring are all aggression means evidently targeting the DPRK and dangerous elements bringing serious harm to the stability of the region in the light of the purpose of their introduction and their strategic usage and capabilities in the sky, land and sea.

This reveals the hypocritical and sinister aim sought by the south Korean authorities who never open their mouth without the call for detente of military tension, building of confidence and improvement of ties.

Criticism of the present authorities is heard nonstop from the broad spectrum of the south Koreans over the military expenditure which far surpasses that under the conservative regimes. They are accusing the authorities of exploiting people by imposing the heavy burden of the upkeep for the U.S. forces in south Korea on them while engaging in escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen, in disregard of their hardships.

The south Korean authorities are obliged to reflect on their dirty act of treachery and perfidy of reneging on the historic north-south agreement, before talking about the threats from someone.

We have warned more than once the south Korean authorities against their act of undermining trust, backtracking on the commitments and getting engrossed in the reckless arms buildup.

They should exercise prudence, clearly foreseeing what catastrophic fate they will meet for their continued military frenzy in defiance of the censure inside and outside.

(KCNA - October 24, 2019)
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