South Korea disgraced with upkeep of US troops

By Choe Yong Nam

The south Korean and US authorities recently held the first meeting for the 11th Special Measures Agreement and 16th integrated defence consultative council meeting to discuss the scale of the defence cost sharing for the next year, maintenance of joint preparedness and a measure for intensifying anti-DPRK sanctions.

What draws particular attention here is the issue of increasing the defence cost share.

According to mass media, the US is demanding a hike in the defence cost share of south Korea, arguing that the present sum is too small. It provisionally decided to demand $5 billion from south Korea and sent a senior official to Seoul to force it to pay the exorbitant amount.

Every time the Special Measures Agreement has been revised, the US has pressurized the south Korean authorities to push up the upkeep for its forces in south Korea. This time, too, the Americans have exacted a huge increment in the payment regardless of the stagnation of the south Korean economy.

It shows that US alliance with south Korea is only a show that serves American interests alone.

Enraged by the US behaviour, the south Korean people are denouncing the Americans for charging south Korea the expenses for their strategy for world supremacy, asserting that it is so shameless of the Americans to demand south Korea cover the expenses for their overseas operations as well as for GIs participating in joint military exercises and the deployment of strategic assets. They are also urging the authorities to discontinue at once the humiliating negotiations for defence cost sharing that are geared to ruining the economy and people’s livelihood.

The increase in defence cost sharing is just a rise in war funds and a revelation of their dangerous scheme for confronting with the DPRK militarily with the help of the US master.

The same is the case with the integrated defence consultative council meeting.

Such behaviour of the south Korean warmongers, who are escalating the tension on the Korean peninsula in conspiracy with outside forces as they run counter to the trend of the times, is now the butt of unanimous criticism of the international community as well as the Korean nation.

(Pyongyang Times - October 13, 2019)
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