South Korean military warmongers act against nation

Commentary in Minju Joson

Confrontational farces against the DPRK have recently been witnessed in south Korea, evidenced by a replay of "operation of blasting railroad bridge", "4th memorial service for heroes of Lake Jangjin battle" and "commemoration of 69th anniversary of recovery of Seoul".

The south Korean military warmongers kicked up a row to invade the north through an open flight of F-35A at a "commemoration of day of ROK Army".

The confrontational acts are another flagrant violation of the spirit of the north-south agreement and an intolerable challenge to the unanimous desire of the entire nation for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

Under the eyes of the nation and the world the north and south of Korea made promise concerning an overall stop to the hostile acts against each other.

The whole nation denounces the south Korean authorities for beating the war drum, trumpeting about "peace" in a bid to mislead the fellow countrymen and the world.

The reckless acts of the south Korean authorities unaware of the changing world and who is their rival remind people of a puppy knowing no fear of the tiger.

They should be mindful that their farces against the trend of the times and the people's mindset lead the stalemate of north-south ties to an irrevocable catastrophe.

(KCNA - October 10, 2019)
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