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Russian Embassy in Pyongyang
Russian Embassy is probable to be the best reader of the Rodong Sinmun. (Photo Russian Embassy in Pyongyang)

By Russian Embassy in the DPRK

The Rodong Sinmun newspaper has a regular column that gives an overview of the situation in the world over the past month, a kind of "international panorama". We believe that Korean researchers and many people will be interested to know which foreign policy topics are considered key in Pyongyang. We publish a summary of the material.

So, September, according to the newspaper, is marked by an even greater aggravation of global contradictions, which jeopardizes peace and stability in many regions of the planet.

There are three main topics. The first is the situation in the Middle East, with particular attention to Israeli actions. A resonant statement by Benjamin Netanyahu about his intention to extend Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank in the Jordan Valley and the northern tip of the Dead Sea is given. This suggests that talking about peaceful coexistence with Palestine is just empty words. Mention is also made of shelling by the Israeli army on the territory of southern Lebanon, as well as assistance from Tel Aviv to Syrian terrorists. All this allows the author of the review to make the following conclusion: “Israel’s aggressive encroachment on the territorial integrity of sovereign states again showed who is responsible for creating a situation of instability in the Middle East and around the world.”

The second theme is Washington’s increased sanctions pressure on sovereign states. It is reported that the United States has imposed sanctions against the Iranian Space Agency and the Iranian Central Bank, the restriction on money transfers to Cuba, the inclusion in the sanctions list of four companies associated with Venezuela, as well as the ban on the entry into the United States of high-ranking officials of the administration of Nicolas Maduro and members their families.

The third topic is the aggravation of the confrontation between Russia and NATO. The author of the review cites words from an interview with the NATO Secretary General on September 11, in which he claims that in the conditions of the termination of the INF Treaty, Russia places missiles in Europe, as well as the response of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which emphasizes: Russia is not in service, unlike the United States , missiles of medium and shorter range. Mention is made of escorting Russian aircraft by NATO fighters in international airspace over the Baltic Sea and a statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense that our military aircraft operate over neutral waters and in strict accordance with international rules.

Summing up, the author of the review makes a disappointing conclusion: the interference of Western countries, including the USA, in the internal affairs of other states, the expansion of sanctions complicate the internal situation of sovereign states and bring only misfortune and suffering to their people. The military-political confrontation between the countries, fiercely aggravated tensions in Europe and the Middle East.

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