Revelation of Abe's inveterate wild ambition for reinvasion

By Son So Yon
Rodong Sinmun

Japanese Prime Minister Abe in his address to the interim Diet session on Oct. 4 described Japan in its imperial era as a "country that advocated racial equality against colonialism."

If Abe wants to explain what kind of country Japan was in the first half of the 20th century, he should fully consider the view of the neighboring countries.

Several countries in the Asia-Pacific region including Korea and China were invaded by Japan's forces.

The Japanese militarists inflicted untold pain and misfortune upon the people in the countries under their occupation and brutally massacred innocent people.

Abe embellished Japan's past history of aggression and called for constitutional revision. It is just a revelation of Abe's inveterate wild ambition for reinvasion and the height of history distortion.

Recently, Abe referred to the possibility of Diet dissolution, pressurizing the opposition parties to take part in the discussion for retrogressive constitutional revision.

If the constitutional revision is carried out, the "Self-Defense Forces" of Japan will play a pivotal role for aggression, not merely an assistant role for the U.S. forces' operations in Asia and other parts of the world.

Japan works hard to hide its militaristic wild ambition, asserting that it has long been a "guardian of human rights." But such a lie can never work.

The Korean people clearly remember the thrice-cursed crimes of Japan and will surely force it to pay dearly for it.

(KCNA - October 19, 2019)
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