Prosecution reform means liquidation of conservatives

two million people demanding prosecution reform
About two millions participated in the Candlelight Cultural Festival, Seoul, September 28. (Photo Voice of People)

By Min Chol

Recently, there was a massive candlelit rally in south Korea in demand of the liquidation of evil legacies left by conservatives.

Over two million south Korean people turned out in streets with candlelight in their hands to hold a large-scale protest action while chanting such slogans as "Let us reform the prosecution" and "Investigate the Liberal Korea Party".

The Kyunghyang Daily News, Jaju Sibo and other south Korean media outlets devoted broad coverage to the rally, saying that it is an explosion of public anger against the anti-reformist misbehaviour of the prosecution and the LKP which is engrossed in political strife while patronizing the prosecution related to evil legacies.

However, the LKP revealed its true colours as the party of all evils while mounting an open challenge to the public demanding the reform of the prosecution.

It previously criticized the reform as the killing of the prosecution and tyranny and now brand, the participants in the candlelight rally as "north-following leftists" and "insane", reviling the rally as "outrageous behaviour triggered by political propaganda".

The public opinion is that the LKP is putting a brake on the reform of the prosecution while shielding it as the prosecution is its accomplice.

The prosecution hushed up Jong Yun Hui's involvement in state affairs, which showcased the true colours of the corrupt Park Geun Hye regime, and wound up the investigation into the Sewol ferry sinking incident to meet the taste of conservative ruling forces in disregard of the public will. These facts show that the prosecution and conservatives were as like as two peas.

It is quite natural that the south Korean people from all walks of life assert that the LKP is the target to be eliminated above anything else.

(Pyongyang Times - October 13, 2019)
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