Miserable outcome of submission to US


It was recently disclosed that the south Korean military took care of depleted uranium shells of the U.S. forces in south Korea, which provoked a public outcry.

The south Korean Air Force has reportedly mobilized its manpower to maintain 1.32 million depleted uranium shells of the U.S. forces, which are stored in an air force airport in Suwon, Kyonggi Province, and have outlaid a large sum of money on it every year.

Revelation went in the past that the U.S. transferred all the depleted uranium shells to south Korea from the U.S. military base in Okinawa in the face of strong protest by the Japanese people and that it stockpiled a total of 2.74 million of them in the U.S. military bases in Suwon and Osan in Kyonggi Province and Chongju, North Chungchong Province, to provoke a furor. But this is the first time they were revealed to have been under the direct management of the south Korean military.

It shows to what extent the south Korean authorities have gone in their shameful submissive attitude towards the U.S.

As to the depleted uranium bombs, their use is universally forbidden as they seriously damage the ecological environment and cause leukemia, cancer and other fatal diseases.

The U.S. used lots of such bombs in the Gulf War, Balkan War and Iraqi War to kill many people and even GIs who used the bombs in those wars are suffering from diseases.

The south Korean military have stored such devil-like bombs at the expense of the blood tax collected from the south Korean people.

The above-said act of the south Korean military is so disgusting as it has carefully stockpiled the bombs the world people curse, not content with making the whole of south Korea a biochemical weapon test area and waste disposal ground.

Only south Korea is begging the U.S. to station its forces in south Korea, offering the tax to it and is even keeping such WMDs although there are U.S. military bases worldwide.

South Korea is a pitiable colony of the U.S., and the south Korean authorities are peerless attendants and traitors as they make no scruple of bringing disaster to the people, kowtowing to their master.

The south Korean people and mass media are shocked by the above-said fact, unacceptable and unimaginable, even though it complies with the humiliating south Korea-U.S. "Status of Forces Agreement".

Their submission to the U.S. will bring them nothing but maltreatment, contempt, disaster and sacrifice.

(KCNA - October 29, 2019)
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