Military conspiracy between US, Japan and S Korea

Commentary in Minju Joson

The military chiefs of the U.S., Japan and south Korea held the "talks" in the U.S. recently. At the U.S.-led "talks" they discussed "the plan for military cooperation" among the U.S., Japan and south Korea.

The "talks" were a sinister conspiracy based on the U.S. scenario for strengthening the triangular military alliance of aggression.

The U.S. claims that the "talks" have nothing to do with the general security of military intelligence agreement between south Korea and Japan, but it is a childish trick of trying to deceive others.

At the "talks" the U.S. stressed the necessity of the "military cooperation" between south Korea and Japan that are playing cat and mouse over the issue of the past crimes and the abrogation of the said agreement. This is aimed at strengthening the U.S.-Japan-south Korea triangular military alliance by making south Korea and Japan conclude the agreement again at any cost through the "talks".

The south Korean military's unhesitating attendance at the "talks" seeking the black-hearted purpose constitutes an unpardonable challenge to the mindset of the participants in the candlelight actions demanding that Japan atone for its past crimes and opposing its moves for reinvasion.

The south Korean military forces are taking an active part in the extremely dangerous military conspiracy due to the pressure of foreign forces, which is a traitorous act of running counter to the mindset of the participants in the candlelight actions.

It is crystal clear that the strengthening of the triangular military alliance will aggravate the situation in the Korean Peninsula.

If the south Korean military forces recklessly persist in swimming against the trend of the times, they will certainly face the more fierce condemnation by all the fellow countrymen and the international community.

(KCNA - October 17, 2019)
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