Makkoli pours out of Taedonggang Beer Factory

Recently, a process for producing makkoli went into operation at the Taedonggang Beer Factory in the DPRK.

Makkoli, one of the Korean nation's traditional beverages, contains 10-odd nutritive substances like essential amino acid, vitamin and mineral matter. It is an exhilarating drink with mixture of sweet taste, acidity and astringency.

In this regard, Ri Hae Nam, chief engineer of the factory, told KCNA:

The factory has put all the processes ranging from raw material feeding to packing on a germ-free and dust-free basis.

Now, it is producing makkoli with 5 percent and 3 percent of alcoholic content. Those drinks are winning popularity among citizens for their good taste and long shelf life.

(KCNA - October 22, 2019)
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