LKP trickery with 'wealth of people'


The "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea is widely publicizing an economic policy called "theory of making people rich".

The theory claims "making all the people rich" by raising per capita national income, annual family income and the proportion of the middle class through a "great economic upturn" by 2030.

Utterly ridiculous is their behavior of putting on airs to give impression that they are well versed in all the economic issues and are concerned about public welfare.

What's more disgusting is that they are openly trumpeting about the theory, saying it will be the strategy for overpowering the ruling party forces in the election of the "National Assembly" due next year though it is contrary to the economic policy of the present "government".

This shows that the "theory" touted by the LKP is none other than a trick to realize the pipedream of coming back to power by alluring the people.

The trite method of the LKP has deceived people with all kinds of sugar-coated words to rise to power.

As for traitor Park Geun Hye, she became the boss of Chongwadae by alluring people with more than 200 rose-colored commitments about the "era of people's happiness" and "second miracle of River Han".

However, she revealed her true nature as a villain regarding people not better than animals by abolishing 70 percent of her "prosperity" commitments and inventing unpopular evil laws of fattening only the big businesses in less than a year after her assumption of office.

Numberless people committed suicide with their backs turned on the south Korean society, calling it the "hell-like world", "era of people's despair", "society of slaves" and the "world where one percent possesses everything".

The present ruin of south Korean economy and aggravation of people's livelihood is in entirety the inevitable result of the capital crime committed by the LKP group.

Nonetheless, they are laying the responsibility for the present economic crisis on others and trumpeting about "great economic upturn" and "people's welfare", which are the mockery and insult to the south Korean people.

The "theory of making people rich", a replica of the long-scrapped pro-plutocrats policy and unpopular economic policy of the traitorous groups of Lee Myung Bak and Park Guen Hye, has been under denunciation by the south Korean people from the beginning as the "theory of unequal development" that will only worsen the situation of the rich getting ever richer and the poor ever poorer.

However hard the conservative group may try to disguise itself with all kinds of rhetoric, the south Korean people clearly see through the sordid nature of the LKP, the chief criminal responsible for the economic ruin and the group of traitors only keen on realizing the wild ambition for power and accumulation of fortune in disregard of the people's livelihood.

The LKP's dirty trick to mislead the public will never work.

The flames of the struggle to abolish the conservative evils kindled by the south Korean people will burn up the LKP group, the vicious enemy.

(KCNA - October 12, 2019)
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