KCNA warns S Korea of intentional provocation


The military of south Korea has gone beyond the red line in its reckless act of belligerency.

The commander of the missile command of the south Korean army announced at the "National Assembly" that it would conduct a ballistic missile firing drill again this year and regularly stage Hyonmu-series ballistic missile firing drill every year.

This is just an open declaration of war to open fire at the compatriots in the north and an intentional provocation to throw the Korean peninsula into lingering tensions.

As known, Hyonmu-series ballistic missile was developed to target the DPRK and its capacity for preemptive attack has been drastically increased for decades since its introduction.

The military of south Korea has constantly threatened the DPRK, screwing up tensions by ceaselessly conducting ballistic missile launching drills behind the curtains of dialogue and peace.

Billing it as a "missile with a longer range and stronger power than the north's", the military of south Korea has conducted its firing drill more than ten times this year.

Not content with this, it has gone the lengths of openly calling for staging such drill on a regular and annual basis.

Such military provocation will doubtless escalate tensions in the Korean peninsula.

The situation clearly proves who wrecks peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and adds fuel to its tensions.

The hard-won phase of peace on the Korean peninsula is facing difficulties and the north-south relations plunged into deadlock. This is because the south Korean authorities are still seeking their way out in escalating the danger of war, failing to drop their confrontational posture.

It is just the south Korean warlike forces who talked about "reconciliation" in public and staged a north-targeted war games with foreign forces afterwards, touting "unchanged pressure offensive against the north," and lavished a fabulous amount of money on introduction of modern military hardware despite the public opposition inside and outside.

The south Korean regime has gone so shameless as to term the entirely just measure of the DPRK for self-defense "provocation" though it has been crazy about war drumbeats for confrontation with the latter.

Anachronistic confrontational military racket will add fuel to escalating tensions and the south Korean bellicose forces will never be able to endure its consequences.

The military of south Korea should drop its foolish dream for bringing the north-south relations back to the past when the relations were distressed with extreme confrontation and danger of war.

(KCNA - October 26, 2019)
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