Japan's shameless distortion of history


The international community is shocked by Japan's shameless distortion of history.

Days ago, Prime Minister Abe in his keynote address at the extraordinary session of the Diet let out sophism that Japan is the "country advocating racial equality against neo-colonialism", beautifying its history of aggression.

He even reeled off a cock-and-bull story that Japanese representative Makino advocated racial equality as a "new principle looking forward to a new ideal and future after the war" at the Paris peace conference held in 1919 for the settlement of issues after the First World War and that the "great ideal has served as a fundamental principle for the international community including the international human rights protocol for centuries".

It is the height of shameless distortion of history and a profound confusing of right and wrong

The Japanese reactionaries in the past tried in every way to cover up their sinful past by justifying the aggressive war ignited by them as a "liberation war" and their colonial rule as a "contribution to modernization".

And now Japan has gone beyond a tolerance limit so much as to tamper with history to make the public believe that it has struggled for "human rights and equality" and to openly debase justice and conscience by claiming that the "ideal of Japan" has become the "fundamental principle of the international community".

Japan was, indeed, the country of aggression and crime in the past and now it is the worst criminal country adding to its past crimes.

The distortion of history getting ever more frantic shows that the island nation has no will to settle its past but it harbors only the wild ambition for militarist aggression.

Clear is the purpose of Japan in denying and justifying its past.

It is to realize its past dream of becoming the "leading power in the east" by launching reinvasion any time.

In order to realize this ambition it has so far rushed forward to become a military power and realize militarization since its defeat.

Japanese militarism is not a ghost any more but has emerged as a dangerous political and military entity seriously threatening peace and security of the Korean Peninsula, Asia and the rest of the world.

Japan's distortion of history is also the reflection of the Abe group's ambition to provide a legal condition for fighting a war by justifying the constitutional revision under the slogan of the "final settlement of Japanese diplomacy after war".

This is the reason why it is hard to overlook the agitation for constitutional revision for the "building of a new state in the new era 'Reiwa'" done by Abe by citing Makino's remark on a "new ideal after war" as an example.

Japan is the hideous criminal state which brought untold disaster to the peoples of Korea and Asia.

The crimes recorded in the human history by island country Japan can never be erased, and Japan cannot get rid of legal and moral responsibility for its past crimes.

However hard it tries to beautify its past with fabrication and distortion, it will only expose its vileness and double the will of our people to settle accounts with Japan.

Our people will never forget the disaster and pain imposed by the sworn enemy Japan but will surly force Japan to atone for its past crimes.

(KCNA - October 17, 2019)
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