Japan's risky moves for territorial expansion


Japan again claimed "dominium over Tok Island" recently in its 2019 Defense White Paper.

Japan has doggedly insisted on its "dominium over Tok Island" though it is just a part of the Korean nation's territory in the light of history, geography and international law. Japan's claim is not something new as it is a revelation of its centuries-long wild ambition for territorial expansion.

What cannot be overlooked, however, is the fact that it was specified for the first time in the said white paper that Japan would let fighters of its air "Self-Defense Force" make immediate sorties in case an armed clash occurs in the sky above Tok Island.

This hints at Japan's project for practical control over the island through the exercise of physical power beyond the far-fetched assertion terming Tok Island a part of its territory. And this shows that the Japanese reactionaries' outrageous moves for seizing Tok Island and reinvading the Korean peninsula have reached a very serious phase.

The Japanese reactionaries, who set it as Japan's state policy to put the island under its control long ago, declared the island as a "disputed area" and fixed the "Day of Takeshima" and published white paper, diplomatic blue book and other books containing its assertion of "dominium over Tok Island." It has left no stone unturned to internationalize the issue of Tok Island in desperate pursuance of its wild ambition for territorial expansion.

It has stepped up its preparations for reinvasion such as expansion of its munitions industry, arms buildup and dispatching troops to foreign countries. Today's military muscle of Japan has emerged as war forces, putting the developed Western countries in the shade.

The Japanese reactionaries are magnifying the issue of Tok Island while talking about "military counteraction in the sky above Tok Island". Lurking behind their intentional moves is their calculation that all conditions for realizing their wild ambition for seizing others' territory have come to "maturity" through the long political and military preparations.

An incumbent Japanese lawmaker recently blustered that Japan should retake Tok Island through a war. This cannot be seen as a psycho's illness.

It is a trite method of the imperialists to spark off a territorial dispute, use force under that pretext and provoke a war of aggression.

Japan seeks to provoke an armed clash through urgent sorties of ASDF fighter jets toward the sky above Tok Island and take advantage of it to materialize the old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" it failed to realize in the past century. Such wild ambition has reached a very risky phase of materialization.

Tok Island that bears witness to the Japanese imperialists' invasion of Korea warns the world again today.

The Korean nation and the international community will never tolerate the moves of the Japanese reactionaries thirstily watching for an excuse and chance for reinvasion.

Tok Island will remain as ever as a part of the inalienable territory of the Korean nation.

(KCNA - October 8, 2019)
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