Japan can never hide its ambition for overseas expansion


Japan persists in modernizing its "Self-Defense Forces" despite international community's concern and criticism.

Prime Minister Abe, at a recent meeting of SDF high-ranking officers, called for bolstering "defense capabilities" in outer space, cyber space and electromagnetic wave. He said if Japan contents itself with mapping out a new "defense program" and "Midterm Defence Capability Buildup Outline," they will be no more than blank sheets of paper, adding their significance lies in their materialization.

This is just a revelation of the sinister intention to accelerate the SDF modernization in an all-round way and thus realize the wild ambition for overseas expansion at any cost.

Now Japan goes so shameless as to justify its arms buildup, asserting that "possession of offensive capabilities powerful enough to contain external invasion precisely means defense capabilities."

In its 2019 Defense White Paper announced on September 27 it branded the DPRK, China and Russia as countries "posing threats" to shield the structural expansion of the SDF.

But as recognized by the world, the wind of aggression endangering peace and security in Asia is coming from Japan and other hostile forces.

It is just Japan which has become a root cause of aggravation of regional situation since it was turned into an overseas supply base of outsiders after the end of the Second World War.

Furthermore, it is keen on twisting history and desperately dodging its responsibility for atoning for the crime-woven past. This clearly proves that Japan has been buoyed up with its revanchist ambition for reinvasion, bearing a grudge against the international court's decision that branded it as a war criminal country and defeated nation.

Lurking behind the risky black-hearted intention that Japan seeks along with the constitutional revision and SDF modernization is its wild ambition for realizing the old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by turning itself into a full-fledged war state.

The military muscle of Japan has been bolstered, beyond the conception of "exclusive defense," putting even military giants in the West to shame. And even the outer space and cyber space are being put within range of its power.

The scope of its military operation, which had been confined to its mainland, has been extended to the whole world after the adoption of the "security legislation." And the SDF is openly sending its troops overseas and raising its long-range operational capability through ceaseless joint military drills with other countries.

The reality clearly shows that Japan's crazy moves for military giant and overseas expansion aimed at reinvasion has reached the phase that can be no longer overlooked.

No one can vouch that if Japan, which had inflicted untold misfortune and pain upon mankind by igniting wars of aggression against other countries in the past, launches overseas reinvasion, it would not stretch out tentacles of greed to the whole world, to say nothing of the region.

That's why not only the DPRK but also the international community is closely following the serious military moves of Japan.

Japan will never escape severe punishment by history if it persists in such rash behavior, turning a blind eye to the anger of the international community.

(KCNA - October 2, 2019)
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