Japan, is it dispelling security unease or inciting security crisis?


A ground-based Patriot MD system was deployed for drill by the Japan Air "Self-Defense Force" in the middle of Tokyo to receive media coverage on Oct. 9.

A person concerned said that the drill was aimed to "help the public relieve unease at repeated missile launches of north Korea."

Curious is how much "relieving effect" such drill gave to the Japanese as dozens of SDF soldiers were crying and running helter-skelter for combat preparations in a park for citizens' leisure, bringing launchers and radar and laying electric wire.

There is no denying that such an open drill outside a military facility, something very exceptional, is quite effective in stirring up public opinion about "severe security circumstances" in Japan.

Being displeased with the trend toward peace that hit the region, which it thinks would not be favorable for realizing its wild ambition for militarism, Japan has worked hard to destroy it, enduring even "alienation."

The point, however, is the open sinister goal of the Japanese reactionaries to utterly wreck the regional situation given the present stalemate in dialogue.

To this end, they put up the card of "dispelling security unease."

Japan, which has so much bragged about its strong military muscle, suddenly asserts that it "failed to track missiles from north Korea." It is to magnify public uneasiness at home and incite "security crisis" in the region.

Commenting on that assertion, a Chinese missile expert said that what should be cautious of is the fact that Japanese media might have fabricated a story about the failure in tracking of missiles of the DPRK. The expert added that its final goal is to help the Abe regime secure a pretext for constitutional revision and up its game for building a military giant and overseas expansion.

It is just an analysis that the Japanese regime's frequent rhetoric about "relief from unease at security crisis" is designed to create an atmosphere for carrying out its political stratagem.

In fact, the Japanese Ministry of Defense deployed Patriot MD system again in a site controlled by it. In the final analysis, the said drill of moving and deploying Patriot interception system was nothing to do with securing of stability and dispelling of unease. On the contrary, Japan is destroying peace.

Its 2019 Defense White Paper labeled neighboring countries such as China and Russia as countries posing threats and its 2020 defense budget hit an all-time high. It even plans to deploy trouble-making Aegis Ashore.

All facts go to clearly prove its true colors as a harasser of peace in the region.

The Japanese reactionaries should deeply consider whether their poor trick may work before accusing others.

(KCNA - October 23, 2019)
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