Imperialists' sanctions are not omnipotent weapons

Nobody can stop DPRK
By Kim Kwang Myong
Rodong Sinmun

The U.S. and other Western powers are putting pressure upon the countries disobedient to them with sanctions and are also vociferating that they can lift the sanctions if the countries accept their demand.

It is an intention of the imperialists to force others to kneel down with "carrot" and "whip" and one step of concession leads to ruin in the end.

The reality shows that the world and mankind can never rest in peace unless the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the imperialists are checked.

The aim of the imperialists' sanctions is to throw economy of countries incurring their displeasure into confusion and to destabilize people and thus realize regime change and put those countries under their control.

Compromising with the imperialists' sanctions can neither defend the state nor bring happiness to the people.

Fear and concession in face of the imperialists' sanctions lead to ruin.

No one offers or defends the sovereignty of the country and dignity of the nation. They can be defended only by the struggle against the imperialists.

(KCNA - October 21, 2019)
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