Hidden confrontation, war without gunfire

Rodong Sinmun on confrontation with imperialists in field of ideology and culture

By Ri Hak Nam

The imperialists are trying to infringe upon the sovereignty of other countries and overthrow their governments through hidden means of attack.

The means of attack is the ideology and culture, which is hidden confrontation and war without gunfire.

This war is acuter and severer than a war with physical power and determines the destiny of a country and a nation.

The ideological and cultural poisoning is the trite method of domination and invasion used by the imperialists since long ago. And it is the main means of aggression desperately used by the imperialists at present when the structure of forces in the world is being changed rapidly and the strength-all-powerful doctrine has become impotent. It is the strategy of the imperialists to dominate the world through "peaceful transition" by persistently conducting ideological and cultural poisoning, which they failed with military power.

The reactionary ideology and culture, which had been a guide to invasion, is now playing a leading role.

Some countries that were building socialism in the past collapsed not because of their weak military and economic power and their low cultural development. It is totally because they allowed the imperialists to conduct the ideological and cultural poisoning.

The confrontation with the imperialists in the field of ideology and culture is an acute class struggle and a war without gunfire.

The imperialists have never given up the ideological and cultural poisoning against us even a moment, but they couldn't make a small breach in the ideological position of our country.

(KCNA - October 19, 2019)
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