Mausoleum of Koryo king unearthed in DPRK

Researchers of the Korean Agency for Preservation of Cultural Heritage under the Bureau for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Archaeological Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences, together with teachers and students of Songdo University of Education, unearthed the mausoleum of Hye Jong, king of Koryo (918-1392) in the second generation, in Kaesong City of the DPRK.

The mausoleum is situated on the ridge of a mountain to the north of the Songdo Reservoir in the city.

It consists of the mound with 13 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height, protective facilities, a monument, two sculptures representing civil officials and a place for memorial service.

Its chamber is 4 meters in length, 3.4 meters in width and 2.2 meters in height, the biggest one among the unearthed mausoleums of Koryo kings.

Discovered at the mausoleum were such relics as a tombstone on which letters "Koryo King's Mausoleum" were carved, flower-patterned antefix tile and pieces of sculptures used in the cresting.

The Archaeology Society of the DPRK proved that it was the mausoleum of Hye Jong, king of Koryo in the second generation, through detailed survey of its style, position, relics and historical records. And it appreciated that the discovery of the mausoleum is of weighty significance in clarifying the cultural succession between Koguryo (B.C. 277-A.D. 668) and Koryo.

According to an official concerned, a work to excavate historical relics, including mausoleums of kings of Koryo, is going on in Kaesong area.

(KCNA - October 22, 2019)
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