Campaign for developing local industry in DPRK

A campaign is brisk in the DPRK to develop local industry by dint of science and technology.

Taking the lead in this campaign is Pukchong County of South Hamgyong Province, which is known as the cradle of pomiculture in the country.

The county has ensured electricity needed for its local industrial factories through technical innovation at minor power stations.

It invented apple-gathering machine and various kinds of sprayers to raise the proportion of fruit-growing work done by machines. And it developed coal combustion additive with raw materials abundant in the county, thus making it possible to save 20 percent of coal at industrial establishments and households.

The county also established a distemper paint production process using home-produced vinyl acetate and introduced electricity-saving boiler with high heat efficiency into hemp fiber production process at spinning mill.

This year, the county made scores of valuable sci-tech successes conducive to the improvement of people's livelihood.

(KCNA - October 4, 2019)
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