Japanese authorities drive DPRK-Japan relations to worst phase

By DPRK-Japan Friendship Association Spokesperson

The Japanese authorities eventually excluded kindergartens of Korean schools from the "program for free education and upbringing of children" being enforced from Oct. 1.

The exclusion of the children of Koreans in Japan, who are paying consumption taxes just like the Japanese people, from the waiver program is against the Japanese law and international law, which is also an intolerable act of national discrimination in view of humanitarianism.

This situation vividly shows once again that the Japanese reactionaries can never change in their hostile policy toward the DPRK and the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and their malicious discrimination against the Koreans in Japan.

Though belatedly, the Japanese authorities should sincerely fulfill their bounden legal and moral duty that obliges them to treat Koreans in Japan and their children favorably and protect them.

As long as Abe regime does only a foolish and evil act of harassing children, guided by national chauvinism, they can never open a door to the DPRK nor get rid of its miserable plight of being sidelined from the discussion of matters related with Korean peninsula and the world political trend.

The Japanese authorities must stop at once the suicidal act of driving the DPRK-Japan relations to the worst phase and behave themselves, heeding the DPRK's repeated warnings.

(KCNA - October 22, 2019)
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