Many gravity-fed waterways completed in DPRK

The Kaechon-Lake Thaesong Waterway, a large-scale gravity-fed irrigation waterway, was successfully built in the DPRK on Oct. 18, Juche 91 (2002). A total of over 29 000 ri (11 600km) gravity-fed irrigation waterway has been completed, taking the country as a whole.

The 400 ri (160km)-long waterway reminiscent of a great canal was built between Taegak-ri of Kaechon City and Lake Thaesong, ensuring the supply of water to the 100 000 hectares of farmland in South Phyongan Province, Pyongyang City and Nampho City, and bringing about more profitability than the building of a power station with the generating capacity with tens of thousands kw.

The Paekma-Cholsan Waterway with a total of over 270 km was built in Oct. 2005, watering vast tracts of farmland in six cities and counties including Ryongchon County, Cholsan County and Sinuiju City.

A similar waterway impeccable for the distant future has been built in Miru plain, opening up prospects of rice-farming and the first-stage construction of the South Hwanghae Province Waterway going through mountains and fields has been wrapped up, watering the fields in the areas of Haeju, Pyoksong, Ongjin and Kangryong.

Besides, medium- and small-scale gravity-fed waterways have been built in all the rural areas of the country. As a result, a dramatic change has been brought in establishing the irrigation system of the country and material foundations have been boosted for agricultural production.

The officials and working people across the country are stepping up the second-stage construction of the South Hwanghae Province Waterway, the construction of the Chongchongang-South Phyongan Province gravity-fed irrigation waterway and other waterway projects.

(KCNA - October 18, 2019)
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