SHED for breakwater developed in DPRK

Shepherd Hill Energy Dissipator (SHED) is expected to be widely used in breakwater construction in the DPRK for its low cost and safety.

This cube-shaped concrete part was developed by the Hydraulic Engineering Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences.

In this regard, Son Song Chol, section chief of the Institute, told KCNA:

The SHED was firstly introduced into the breakwater construction for Koam-Tapchon railway crossing rough sea of Sokjon Bay in the East Sea of Korea.

It helped save tens of thousands of concrete parts, as compared with the usage of tetrapods, and reduce the submergence workload for leveling thousands of square meters of foundation bed, thus lowering the height of break wall by 40 percent while raising the wave damping factor 40-50 percent.

(KCNA - October 18, 2019)
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