US demands more upkeep for its forces

The Youth Popular Party
The Youth Popular Party in action. (Photo YPP)

The Youth Popular Party reportedly had a press conference outside the Institute for National Defense Studies in Seoul on September 25 to blast the U.S. pressure for the increase of the upkeep for its forces in south Korea.

At the press conference a press release was read out.

The U.S. is imposing more upkeep for its forces in south Korea, it noted.

It said that the upkeep for the U.S forces has never been frozen nor reduced but has always increased on demand from the U.S.

It stressed that the U.S. should withdraw its unreasonable demand and return to south Korea the amount that has not yet been spent, adding that the increase in the upkeep for the U.S. forces does not accord with the era of peace and prosperity on Korean peninsula.

(KCNA - September 30, 2019)
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