Confrontational moves of South Korean war hawks

By Min Chol  

The south Korean military’s another confrontational move against the fellow countrymen has been disclosed to arouse public criticism.

According to south Korean media outlets, the military had agreed with the US to commit US warships and aircraft in case of armed conflict in the hot spot in the West Sea of Korea.

This means that at the request of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of south Korea, the landing craft of the US navy carrying the stealth fighter F-35B and tilt rotor aircraft Osprey of the US marines will be deployed promptly in the water area.

In accordance with the agreement, the south Korean military has conducted a drill to repulse the “north’s surprise attack” with the backing of the US marines in every joint command post-based training with the Americans.

The recent revelation clearly shows the real intention of the south Korean war hawks who are taking a risky war gamble in collusion with outside forces, in flagrant violation of inter-Korean declarations on turning the controversial hot spot into peace waters.

(Pyongyang Times - September 29, 2019)
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