S Korean conservative horde of trouble-makers


Conservatives styling themselves "experts" in south Korea have recently raised again the hackneyed matter of redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons to twist the public opinion.

They are asserting that it comes to be a "golden opportunity" for redeployment of tactical nukes in south Korea that the U.S. is examining the deployment of intermediate range missiles in Asia, adding the redeployment could impose greater pressure and serve as a strong card in negotiations. They say that if the nukes are usually managed by the U.S., it cannot be viewed as a violation of NPT and the redeployment is not in contravention of "restrictions on introduction of nukes into non-nuclear state".

Their assertion is a revelation of the black-hearted intention to stimulate the U.S. to derail the process of peace on the Korean peninsula and stoke up extreme anxiety over security in south Korea and incite confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

Due to the dangerous anti-DPRK military moves of the war-thirsty forces at home and abroad, the situation on the Korean Peninsula was put under grave circumstances as to whether to go back to the era of confrontation or not.

Whoever really wants the comfort of the nation and peace on the Korean Peninsula should do anything helpful to the stable development of the present situation.

But, not content with terming the self-defensive measures by the DPRK "provocation" and "threat," the conservative groups of south Korea have gone the length of justifying the redeployment of tactical nukes, the issue neglected by history.

Behind their moves is a criminal intention to bring back the era of confrontation when they were given to high-handed and arbitrary practices, indifferent to whether the people will suffer from the deteriorating situation or not and whether the security of their master will be exposed to a greater danger or not.

It is their real purpose to make the security crisis a fait accompli by hyping the redeployment of nukes and, at the same time, gain popularity favorable for hunting a fortune in rallying conservative forces and realizing the wild ambition for return to power.

The conservative groups are, indeed, a horde of trouble-makers bringing disaster to the nation as they make no scruple of offering south Korea as a nuclear arsenal and theater of nuclear war to the outsiders to materialize the dirty ambition for power.

The group of traitors' trumpeting about the redeployment of tactical nukes is a suicidal policy which will bring ruin to them rather than "bolster deterrent."

Days ago, the south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News said that the assertion made by the "Liberal Korea Party" for the issue of redeployment lacking reason and feasibility is the "'security populism' for political interests" and the "Liberal Korea Party which insists on absurd theory of nuclear armament is not entitled to become a political party".

The south Korean people are bitterly condemning the conservative groups for running amuck to incite the confrontation with the fellow countrymen and security crisis.

The conservative groups can never evade the stern punishment by history as they go against the trend toward peace on the Korean peninsula to revive the nuclear nightmare on the sacred land.

(KCNA -  September 4, 2019)
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