S Korean conservatives opposing prosecution reform

Candlelight Rally for Prosecution Reform
Candlelight Vigil with more than forty-thousand participants demanding the prosecution reform in front of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office in Seoul on September 23. (Photo Voice of Seoul)

Farce for Seizing Power

The conservative group of south Korea, obsessed with a wild ambition for power, has recently revealed its black-hearted intention over the issue of the prosecution reform in south Korea.

The Minju Party and other democratic reformist forces fully support the authorities' appointment of new minister of Justice and call for a further intensified struggle for eradicating deep-seated evils and reform of power organs.

Much upset by it, the coteries of the "Liberal Korea Party" held an emergency meeting, in which they talked much about "intention to do harm to the public", "death of legalism" and "disappearance of common sense and justice." They agitate the like-minded conservatives, talking about "one million people's torch action."

After a team for accelerating the reform of the prosecution was formed, they began desperately opposing the prosecution reform, saying "the prosecution reform just means killing the prosecution" and "the prosecution should have courage to remain independent from the power."

Such behavior of the conservative group messing the south Korean political situation is just a desperate effort to check eradicating deep-seated evils and lay a springboard for seizing power at any cost.

The conservative group of traitors mercilessly trampled down justice, equality, legalism and democracy of the south Korean society, engrossed in corruption and irregularities and immoral conducts when they took power through illegal coups and swindles.

It is just the south Korean prosecution that shielded such unpopular politics of the fascist dictatorial regimes by invoking power and viciously suppressed the struggle of the democratic reformist forces for independence, democracy and reunification.

The forcible dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party, a legitimate political party, outlawing of the Teachers' Union and shutdown of Jaju Minbo, a progressive newspaper, during the Park Geun Hye regime period clearly showed the true colors of the prosecution which turned into a servant and watchdog for the conservative group.

The group of hideous traitors, which should have disappeared from the political arena as it was sternly punished by history, got buoyed up again and has gone so shameless as to talk about "torch". This is just an insult to and mockery of the public.

It is not hard to guess what the conservative group seeks.

It calculates that it can check the south Korean people's struggle for rooting out deep-seated evils and realize its cherished ambition for taking power again, only when it keeps preserving and controlling the prosecution which has played the role of its servant.

If the drive for judicial reform and eradication of deep-seated evils is not accelerated boldly in south Korea, the south Korean people will lose their hard-won gains of the candlelight revolution and the past when evils prevailed will repeat.

That's why south Koreans call for "staging a candlelight action again to realize the prosecution reform", asserting "prosecution reform is just the completion of deep-seated evil eradication." They have turned out in a struggle against the conservative group that disturbs social progress and democratic reform.

The conservative group of traitors dreaming of taking power again should be aware that the prosecution reform is the demand of the candlelight demonstrators aspiring after justice and democracy.

Desperate moves of the evil forces will be frustrated by the united struggle of the south Korean people.

 (KCNA - September 25, 2019)
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