Even children deride conservative traitors' party


The "Liberal Korea Party", the party of conservative traitors in south Korea, is finding itself in a piteous plight as it has become the laughingstock of even the youth and children, to say nothing of the people of various circles.

A typical example is a song in demand of the dissolution of the LKP composed by the vanguard of the youth and children for reunification made up of pupils of elementary and secondary schools.

The song entitled "Number song for dissolution of the LKP" interprets the numbers from one to ten, lampooning and ridiculing the party of traitors which is being criticized and denounced by the people for its evil deeds.

The song is the stern death sentence passed on the LKP by the rising generation which will represent the future, and reflection of the public mindset to stamp out the group of traitors.

To look back upon history, the gentries of the LKP have always been peerless criminals who have seriously threatened even the future of the youth and children, not content with ruthlessly trampling down the livelihood and rights of the people to satisfy their sinister political desire.

The conservative group enticed parents of innocent pupils to vote for them with its honeyed election promises like "half registration fee" but has resorted to unpopular educational policy of rendering education commercial and reactionary.

As a result, a lot of young people have led a deprived life as day laborers and committed suicide after abandoning their dreams and ideals in dark society ruled by conservative regimes.

It is very natural that the then Segye Ilbo of south Korea deplored the south Korean society preventing the sound growth of children.

When children were miserably buried at sea, the conservative group showed a poker face, leaving indelible scars in the hearts of their parents and grandparents, and insulted the parents as "body dealers". Now they are working hard to repeat their evil deed while beautifying their past. This leaves south Korean youth and children hard to repress surging indignation at them.

That's why the children are singing such a song, not children's song.

Actively responding to the song being sung by naive children, south Korean people from all walks of life are expressing their determination to liquidate the LKP and build a progressive society at any cost.

The daily-growing public mindset against the LKP will certainly lead to the second candlelight demonstration for stamping out the group of traitors.

The LKP can never escape the stern judgment by the people as it commits unpardonable crimes against the country and the nation while swimming against the public mindset and the trend of the times.

(KCNA - September 30, 2019)

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