Oungum, DPRK National Musical Instrument

Oungum, a national instrument, is one of mass musical instruments loved by the Korean people.

This bottle gourd-shaped musical instrument has been used in such performances as solo, ensemble and concert for its clear tone quality and rich expression.

It was invented in Juche 51 (1962).

During his revolutionary activities at Kim Il Sung University, Chairman Kim Jong Il personally initiated the making of musical instrument in the period of military camping drill started in late August that year.

He led students to push ahead with the making of musical instrument as well as the acquirement of military knowledge, telling a story about front-line musical instruments made by servicepersons during the last Fatherland Liberation War.

And he gave detailed instructions on a new stringed instrument ranging from its making material to shape and tone quality.

When the new stringed instrument came into being, he named it "Oungum" in the meaning of making it in Oun-dong.

(KCNA - September 2, 2019)
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