Japan's project for constitutional revision


Japan has openly revealed its project for constitutional revision.

Prime Minister Abe, at a recent press conference concerning Cabinet reshuffle, confirmed again his "determination to carry out constitutional revision at any cost."

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Aso also called for specifying the existence of the "Self-Defense Forces" in the Constitution. A series of similar remarks are heard within the Liberal Democratic Party recently.

This shows that the island nation is working hard to turn itself into a military giant and realize the wild ambition for overseas expansion.

Japan's desperate moves for constitutional revision are aimed to turn itself into a war state by setting up a legal and institutional mechanism for unleashing a war.

For over 70 years since its defeat in the war, Japan has never dropped its revengeful thoughts and wild ambition for reinvasion.

It has steadily pursued the policy for militarization and military giant, transforming the ground, maritime and air "Self-Defense Forces" into powerful ones capable of launching overseas aggression.

Today it plans to have an actual aircraft carrier and organize a "space operation force."

Article 9 of the Constitution banning Japan from having army and exercising the right of belligerency and the right to participate in a war cannot but be an obstacle to mobilization of such forces for overseas aggression.

Japan seeks to regain the right to use armed forces it was deprived of due to its defeat, promote the SDF to elite forces and thus legitimize overseas aggression.

The Abe regime is working harder to modify the Constitution during its tenure of office that will end in Sept. 2021.

Abe, regarding the constitutional revision as his "lifetime task", insists on the need for constitutional revision whenever he has an opportunity, saying that "it is the time to buckle down to constitutional revision, the cherished desire of LDP" and "he remains unchanged in pursuing the goal for making new constitution take effect from 2020."

It is not fortuitous that criticism terming the recent Cabinet reshuffle the one for constitutional revision is mounting in the political circles of Japan.

Japan's projected constitutional revision is not an issue confined to internal affairs of a country or related to modification of paragraphs. It is just a serious political and international matter related to peace and security of the Korean Peninsula, Asia and the rest of the world.

Japan has a crime-woven history in which it inflicted unbearable misfortune and ravages upon the Korean people and other peoples in the world.

Such a country is seeking to modify articles of the Constitution for belligerent purposes, far from atoning for its past crimes, just prompted by its risky way of thinking to take the path of militarism. This is a reckless act of blatantly challenging the desire of mankind for peace.

Japan's moves for igniting a war of aggression again should not be allowed.

The international community should never overlook such foolhardy moves of Japan.

(KCNA - September 24, 2019)
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