Japanese reactionaries' desire for overseas aggression

Commentary in Minju Joson

Recently, the Japanese defense minister expressed an intention to make preparations for deploying and operating U.S.-made F-35Bs on the escort ship Izumo with the U.S. backing. He also emphasized that Japan will carry out various military drills with the U.S. including the one for operating the U.S. fighter jets on the ship.

Japan officially selects F-35B for its STOVL fighter
F-35B, selection of Japan for its short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft. (Photo US Navy)

In the point of view of military science, an aircraft carrier is a prerequisite for mounting preemptive attacks on other countries and gaining naval supremacy.

It is Japan's ulterior motive to have an army of aggression and war equipment including aircraft carrier, as it did in the past, in a bid to finally realize their militaristic desire for overseas aggression.

Japan has so far asserted that its moves for becoming a military giant are for ensuring its "security" under a "grim situation." But it has revealed itself that such assertion is just sophism.

Actually, all military moves of Japan are being oriented to overseas aggression, far beyond the scope of defense.

It is clear that mankind will suffer the ravages of war if Japan, which ignited wars of aggression against other countries and nations and imposed untold sufferings and misfortune upon humankind in the past, again launches overseas aggression.

That's why not only the DPRK but also the international community is sharply following the dangerous military moves of Japan.

If Japan acts rashly in disregard of the anger of the international community, it will face a stern judgment of history.

(KCNA - September 3, 2019)
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