Japan should certainly settle past crimes


Demand for Japan's settlement of its past has become more vocal in the international community. Such voice is now heard even in the U.S.

Brad Sherman
Brad Sherman
Some time ago, Brad Sherman, member of the House of Representatives, said at a talkfest that Japan should make a thorough acknowledgement, reflection and apology for its past war crimes.

A professor of George Washington University in an article for the Washington Post criticized Japan for its dishonest reflection on the past.

This shows the pressing need for Japan to settle its past and proves that everyone gets angry at Japan desperately and impudently denying its crimes of aggression.

Countries which committed crimes during wars including the Second World War made or are still making sincere apologies and reparations to the victimized countries, victims and the bereaved families for those crimes in conformity with the UN Charter and demand of the international community.

Shortly ago, the German president during his visit to Italy honored the memory of those killed by the SS units of the Nazis and requested for the apology and forgiveness of war crimes by Germany, confirming that German's responsibility for the crimes would never come to an end.

Contrary to this, Japan, a criminal state, impudently approaches its past.

Japan is such an impudent criminal state which has not yet admitted its war crimes more than seventy years since the end of the Second World War, to say nothing of apology, reflection and reparation for them.

Without any guilty conscience it is working hard to embellish and justify the blood-stained history and repeat it.

Japanese politicians made a group visit to the Yasukuni Shrine to pay homage to the war criminals in April and with the anniversary of its defeat as an occasion this year.

It is not accidental that the international community is deeply concerned about the behavior of the island nation including its persistent moves to retrogressively revise the constitution and boost the military muscle, its active efforts to make the "Self-Defense Forces" advance into foreign countries, its vicious economic retaliation and the farce to pull down the statue of a girl sexual slave for the Imperial Japanese Army.

As unanimously viewed by the international community, Japan is drastically veering to the right and its moves to distort history and revive militarism are getting undisguised with each passing day.

Japan persistently dodges an apology, reflection and reparation for its heinous crimes against the Korean nation and Asian people. This is the manifestation of its ambition to realize the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" and become the "leader of the East" by repeating its history of aggression.

Japan is a country which drank a bitter cup of defeat after it challenged justice and human conscience in the last century.

It should immediately come out to liquidate its past crimes, squarely facing up to the trend of the times, if it does not want to see its disgraceful past repeating.

The past of Japan can, by no means, be forgotten or fade away.

The DPRK will certainly settle accounts with Japan for its past crimes.

(KCNA -  September 3, 2019)
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