Japanese past crimes of plundering Korea


During their colonial rule over Korea, the Japanese imperialists massively plundered Korea of its underground resources.

They cooked up the "Korea Mining Act" in December 1915 in order to ensure their monopolistic and massive loot.

They established gold refineries in Korea to ship 97.225 million won (the then Korean currency) worth of gold to Japan from 1910 to 1918.

They also made a monopoly of the right to develop iron mines in Korea and stole 1 007 000 tons of iron ore and a large amount of copper, tungsten ore and graphite for five years from 1914 to 1918.

After provoking the war of aggression on the continent and the Pacific War, their moves to pillage underground resources became more desperate.

They robbed 52 215 tons of copper from 1937 to 1944 and 5.596 million tons of iron ore from 1943 to 1944.

They also transported 18 335 486 tons of soft coal and more than ten million tons of hard coal to Japan from 1937 to 1944.

Japan should apologize and make reparation to the Korean people for all the crimes it committed in Korea in the last century.

(KCNA - September 24, 2019)
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