Japan's move to release radioactive water into sea


The Japanese reactionaries are about to bring horrible disaster to the Korean nation and humanity.

Some time ago, Greenpeace disclosed that the Japanese government is planning to release a large quantity of contaminated water into sea, as the capacity of the storage tank of radioactive water at the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant reaches its limit in 2020.

In case Japan discharges over 1 100 000 tons of radioactive water into the sea, even the waters around Jeju Island will be polluted in a few months and the whole East Sea of Korea in a year and subsequently the whole Pacific Ocean will be reduced into a "sea of death", causing serious harm to humanity.

This clearly shows the brutal nature peculiar to Japan which does not hesitate to destroy the world ecological environment and victimize mankind for its interests.

Many countries operate nuclear power plants in the world but it is only Japan, a barbarous state, that openly announces the discharge of nuclear waste, threatening even the existence of other countries and nations.

Japan, the first victim of nuclear disaster in the world, has told over and over again about the damage and aftereffects it has suffered, whenever opportunity avails itself.

But, the disclosure of Japan's plan for discharging polluted water proves that the Japanese government's outcries over nuclear disaster and its aftereffects are little short of hypocrisy and Japan is deeply steeped in gangster-like disposition to harm other countries and nations and even the whole mankind for self-interest.

The first victim to suffer huge damage caused by Japan's release of radioactive water is none other than the Korean peninsula.

Now, all Koreans are convulsed with indignation against Japan, a war criminal state which committed heinous crimes against the Korean nation and humanity in the past and is still perpetrating new unethical crimes, far from making an apology and reparation for the past crimes.

Japan is, indeed, the centuries-long sworn enemy that has always remained harmful to the Korean nation.

The Basel Convention effectuated in 1992 and amended and supplemented this year bans dumping harmful wastes out of border in order to protect the environment of the earth.

Japan's plan for discharge of contaminated water is an open challenge to the international convention and a crime seriously threatening the existence and security of mankind.

The Korean nation and the international community will never allow the islanders to contaminate the sea, a precious asset common to mankind, with nuclear waste.

(KCNA -  September 4, 2019)
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