Japan’s move to mess up international sports games

By Om Ryong  

Japan insists on using the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" during the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

The Japanese imperialist aggressors used the flag in the past wars of aggression, as they killed many innocent people in Asian countries during the Second World War as they flew the flag. Therefore, the Korean and other Asian peoples regard it as a symbol of evil.

But Japan is trying to hang out the flag in streets, other public places and stadiums during the international games.

This is an intolerable insult to the Asian peoples who were subjected to misfortune and sufferings due to Japan’s aggression and a mockery of the ideal of the Olympics aspiring after peace and friendship.

What the Japanese reactionaries seek in hoisting the flag is to abuse the sacred international games as a lever for the revival of militarism.

The charter of the Olympics forbids the display of all forms of propaganda articles related to politics, religion and racism in the venues of the games.

FIFA has long banned the use of the Rising Sun flag during the World Cup finals and Germany has prohibited the use of the Nazi swastika since the end of WWII.

Nobody can bear to see the flag appearing in the venues of the international sports games and other public places. If it appears there, this would be a revelation of Japan’s intention to repeat the past of bloody aggression before the eyes of the world and would be tantamount to its declaration of war.

At present, the international community is strongly opposed to the use of the flag. The International Olympic Committee also announced that it would give careful consideration to the matter.

Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Suga, however, claimed that the putting up of the flag is not political propaganda, adding that the Tokyo Olympic Games organizing committee does not consider it as a contraband.

On the occasion of the Tokyo Olympics, Japan posted on the Internet a map marking Tok Islets as belonging to its territory and the East Sea of Korea as Sea of Japan. Most recently, a Japanese dietman made the wild remark that they would occupy the islets by means of war to evoke public criticism, but the Japanese parliament and government looked on the occurrence with indifference. This makes everybody know that the government is deeply involved in the use of the controversial flag.

Japan is an extremely dangerous war criminal state that committed innumerable crimes in the past and that persists in the glorification of them and the distortion of history, far from making soul-searching, an apology and reparations for them, even over seven decades have passed since its defeat in the war.

If Japan is to host proper Olympic Games, it should not shun the public opinion of the world as well as Asia.

(Pyongyang Times - September 29, 2019)
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