Japan's desperate moves for becoming military giant

Hatoyama Yukio
Hatoyama Yukio
Commentary in Minju Joson

Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama recently expressed his stand on the policy of the present Japanese government. He said Japan made the "Pacifist Constitution" after its defeat but has pursued neo-great Japanism calling for bolstering military muscle under the patronage of the U.S.

Hatoyama's remarks can be viewed as correct and fair judgment about the on-going situation.

Claiming that it was defeated in the past "because of lack of strength", Japan has desperately pursued the policy for emerging as a military giant.

Japan has persistently pursued that policy for decades, which has already turned its "Self-Defense Forces" into offensive forces.

This goes to prove that the word "peace" is just unfit for Japan that is crazy about reckless military moves and has become ever more pronounced in its moves for launching overseas invasion.

In actuality, Japan is working hard to revise the "Pacifist Constitution," which it has put up for form's sake, and thus make it possible to launch overseas invasion at its will.

Recently, the present ruling forces of Japan have openly revealed their ambition to put an end to the debate on violation of the constitution by specifying the existence of SDF in the constitution despite the unanimous public opposition and rejection at home and abroad.

Japan is trying hard to find a way out in overseas invasion but it is no more than a suicidal act of precipitating its ruin.

If Japan launches invasion again, overwhelmed by its pipedream for realizing the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere", it will face complete destruction.

(KCNA - September 10, 2019)
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