Atonement for past crimes is for Japan itself

German President asks for Poland's forgiveness on 80th anniversary of start of WWII

Commentary in Minju Joson

During his recent visit to a local city of Poland, Steinmeier, president of Germany, made an apology to many people who had been killed in indiscriminate air raid by the fascist German air force, the bereaved families and citizens.

At the memorial service he made clear a stand that his country has assumed the responsibility that history entrusts to it and remember it forever in the future.

To our regret there is a country diametrically different from Germany in terms of the past, adding that it is just Japan.

Japan's war crimes in Korea and China and Southeast Asia are hideous crimes against mankind.

What matters is that Japan does not have an iota of guilty consciousness of its shuddering past crimes.

Japan still refuses to admit its war crimes and distorts history by claiming that it contributed to peace and security of Asia. Therefore, it has no idea of an apology and reparation for its war crimes.

Japanese reactionaries' attitude to the past crimes is so childish and base as to be beyond human imagination. This clearly lays bare the true colors of the islanders.

Their persistent denial of the past crimes is designed to represent crime-woven history.

The efforts to give continuity to the history without atonement for the past crimes lead to the destruction of Japan.

The atonement for the past crimes is the way for Japan itself, not for others.

(KCNA - September 21, 2019)
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