Iranian oil tanker reveals waning US hegemony

By Choe Yong Nam
Pyongyang Times

An Iranian oil tanker, which had been seized by the UK's Royal Marines in the Straits of Gibraltar, has recently set sail again.

As was reported, the Royal Marines captured the tanker on July 4 for the reason that it transported oil to Syria. There was a fierce diplomatic row about the incident.

Welcoming the safe release of the oil tanker, the Iranian foreign minister said that the US' attempt to prevent the ship from getting free aimed to seize the assets of Iran in the open sea by abusing the legitimate system.

The Iranian ambassador to the UK said that the illegal seizure of its vessel was withdrawn, adding that the US' desperate bid to check the UK from freeing Iran's oil tanker turned out to be a failure.

The US state secretary in an interview with a broadcasting station said that Iran would have more money, assets and resources needed for going on with its “terror” offensive as he expressed regret about the release of Iran's ship. Underscoring the need to actively impose sanctions so as not to assist the Iranian vessel, a US State Department official said that a warning not to permit its entry was sent to different countries.

The Iranian oil tanker's restart of its sailing against the will of the US shows that the showdown between Iran and the US over the incident ended with the victory of Iran.

The Gibraltar authorities issued a statement and asserted that the EU's system of sanctions against Iran is narrower in scope than that which can be applied by the US.

Such a cold treatment the US got from the UK, the closest ally which is speeding up its withdrawal from the EU, makes the international community think a lot of things.

What is obvious is that the US' baton cannot have great effect as it wishes.

(Pyongyang Times - September 13, 2019)
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