DPRK teachers as career revolutionaries

The 14th National Conference of Teachers
The 14th National Conference of Teachers, September 3, Pyongyang Indoor Stadium. (Photo KCNA)

By Rodong Sinmun

The 14th National Conference of Teachers held some days ago served as a historic occasion as significant as a turning point in the development of Juche-oriented education.

It is the intention and determination of the Workers' Party of Korea at present to bring about a radical turn in education and surely put the level of education on the most developed one in a short period so as to bring up all students to be revolutionary talents who would shoulder upon themselves the building of a prosperous country.

All the teachers and officials should turn out as one in bringing about a great turn in education true to the will of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

All the teachers should fulfill their responsibilities and duties as career revolutionaries in implementing the Party's policy on bringing about a radical turn in education.

Bringing about a turn in education is, in essence, effecting a turn in the qualifications of teachers who are like frontline soldiers in effecting a turn in education.

If teachers do not fulfill their responsibilities and duties, the roots of a socialist power will be shaken and our future be gloomy.

All the teachers must become firm roots and rich compost for the education of future generations and hold high the flame of a drastic turn in education as intended by the Party under the uplifted banner of "Let us train students to be excellent revolutionary talents and guarantee the future of the country!", not forgetting the trust and expectation of the Party, country and people even a moment.

Teachers must possess high qualifications and noble personality as career revolutionaries and work with sincerity all their life at their posts of revolution entrusted by the Party.

The editorial calls on all the teachers and education officials to dedicate their wisdom and enthusiasm to the education of future generations, well aware that they are directly responsible for effecting the Korean-style turn in education, and thus fulfill their responsibilities and duties as frontline soldiers on the front of educating talents and as career revolutionaries.

(KCNA - September 19, 2019)
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