DPRK to strengthen relations with NAM member states

By DPRK Delegation Head

Head of a delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea made a speech at NAM Foreign Ministerial Meeting on September 26 during the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly.

Noting ever since the emergence of unilateralism with the end of the cold war between the East and the West, power politics are increasingly prevailing over the international arena and interference, threats and wars of aggression are incessantly perpetrated against the NAM member states, he said:

In particular, the armed invasion against Iraq following the deceptive allegation of the so-called "possession of WMD" at the UN Security Council left a disgraceful page in the UN history.

In today's reality where high-handedness and arbitrariness driven by unilateralism become ever more undisguised, this incident is not a story of the past, but a serious lesson to be remembered forever by the sovereign states.

Without containing unilateralism, it is not possible to establish fair international relations and international order based on the principles of respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in internal affairs and equality.

My delegation considers that the NAM member states will contribute to further strengthening the Movement under the current international situation by translating into practical actions the theme of this meeting: "Upholding the Principles of Sovereignty and Political Independence as a means to Maintain International Peace and Security and Foster Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States."

The most important issue in developing and strengthening the NAM is to decisively achieve the unity among its member states.

On the occasion of the 18th NAM Summit, the delegation of the DPRK made proposals on substantive issues to revitalize the Movement including instituting its emblem and flag as a step towards promoting unity and solidarity of the Movement in conformity with the character of the Movement as a powerful independent force against imperialism and a peace-loving force against war.

The government of the DPRK will, in the future, too, remain true to the noble ideals and principles of the NAM and further develop and strengthen the unity and solidarity of the Movement and the friendly and cooperative relations with its member states.

(KCNA - September 29, 2019)
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