DPRK educational system further completed

A work to complete the educational system has been pushed ahead in the DPRK.

Sectional and provincial universities appeared some years ago. And Pyongyang University of Railways developed into Pyongyang University of Transport this year to train talents in the field of railway and land transport.

Educational system of professional technology was further strengthened through the combination and arrangement of some colleges of professional technology.

A brisk work to establish the serial educational system was conducted according to characters of universities.

Universities newly made educational programs and put the contents of education in many subjects on a practical, comprehensive and modern basis.

Technical senior middle schools in various fields were established throughout the country last year and this year to train students into talents mastering at least one modern technology along with the secondary general knowledge.

Besides, a study-while-working educational system was further completed to provide a firm foundation for making all the people well versed in science and technology.

Colleges were newly established at factories, farms and fishery stations in recent years.

And Kim Chaek University of Technology and other major universities introduced remote practice management program, real-time question-and-answer system and others to put the online education on a scientific and practical basis in various aspects.

(KCNA -  September 3, 2019)
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