Deceptive nature of Japan's rhetoric about 'abduction'


"Specified missing persons" have been found one after another in Japan, deriding the Japanese reactionaries who repeatedly got vocal about the "abduction issue."

abduction issue
The suspected abducted are found in Japan one by one. (Captured images)

The Police Agency recently announced that a man of Yamagata Prefecture origin who went missing in 1983, giving rise to a claim that "possible abduction by north Korea" can not be ruled out, was found dead in the country in April last year and a woman who was reported missing in 1990 was found safe in June this year.

In May and August the agency officially admitted that it "rules out the abduction possibility by the north" as the whereabouts of the residents who disappeared several decades ago were confirmed in the country.

As proved by the frequent release of statements by the police authorities, the "abduction issue" touted by the Japanese government is nothing but a clumsy charade which has no justification for being politicized and internationalized as it is just an internal issue in Japan.

Clear is the intention of the Japanese reactionaries unyieldingly talking about the "abduction" the falsehood of which has already been exposed to the public eyes.

In fact, Japan's issue of missing persons is an incurable phenomenon as it is the illness attributable to the corrupt political climate and the trend of the decadent society rampant with extreme misanthropy and almighty-dollar principle.

According to data, 100 000 persons have "evaporated" from Japanese society every year since the 1990s and the rate of suicide is 60 percent higher than the global average.

The Japanese reactionaries groundlessly pull up the DPRK, describing suicides and missing persons, inevitable products of the social evils, as abduction victims. Their behavior is a cunning trick to cover up the vice of unpopular far-right conservative politics and divert the dissatisfaction of the people.

The "abduction issue", signboard of Japan's political diplomacy at present, can not only be viewed as chronic vicious habit of the islanders who are accustomed to faulting others for no reason.

Their real intention behind the persistent spread of the "abduction issue" which has already been resolved is to evade the settlement of Japan's past by highlighting the tattered "abduction issue" amidst the hideous crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past century against the Korean nation and create a favorable atmosphere for Japan's militarization by inciting the bitterness toward the DPRK in Japan and abroad.

No trick can ever cover up the truth, however.

The Korean people remember the bitter history of the abduction of Koreans historically committed by Japan and burn with anger at the moves of the shameless Japanese reactionaries styling themselves the victims.

Japan should clearly understand the Korean people's will to settle accounts with Japan and stop persisting in the absurd deed.

(KCNA - September 20, 2019)
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