'Color revolution' doomed to failure

By Song Jong Ho

Moves of foreign forces to stage the 'colour revolution' are getting ever more pronounced in some countries.

Recently, the US froze all assets and concessions of the Venezuelan government and banned financial dealings within its territory. It also prohibited those who directly or indirectly work for the present Venezuelan government from entering the US.

The Venezuelan foreign minister denounced the US measures as a vicious act of economic terrorism and aggression against the country and a coercive measure intended to put a noose around the neck of the Venezuelan people to subvert the legitimate government.

Conspiracy for carrying out the 'colour revolution' has persisted in Venezuela.

From the outset of this year, the US incited the overthrow of the Venezuelan government while supporting Juan Guaido, an opposition of the Maduro government, as 'temporary president'.

In late June, the oppositions mounted a coup d'├ętat and attempted to assassinate President Maduro, the chairman of the constituent national council and other high-ranking officials.

Russia blamed the US for the outrageous intervention into the internal affairs of Venezuela, saying "a foreign country cannot appoint president of this country".

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said that China maintains its stand that the ins and outs of Venezuela should solve the problem through a comprehensive dialogue and independent negotiations within the framework of the constitution, adding the embargo on Venezuela should be stopped.

Presently, Guaido is losing ground in the country, while Maduro wins the growing support of the people.

According to foreign media comments, violent demonstrations in China's Hong Kong and Russia are the outcome of the 'colour revolution'.

There is no need for one country to intervene in other's internal affairs, and acts of instigating rebels to anti-government protests and violence cannot be tolerated as they are criminal acts of undermining democracy in the country.

(Pyongyang Times - September 8, 2019)
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