African Union shaping African future

African Union enblem
By Om Ryong

The African Union plays an important role in solving various problems, especially the disputes between African countries, arising in different fields of politics, the economy and culture.

A typical example is the detente in Sudan.

Recently, both contending sides of Sudan held talks and agreed on the operation of the government. According to the agreement, both sides decided to form a sovereign council which is operated in turn and a civil government with independent state power. An agreement on the declaration of the constitution systematizing the work of interim governmental organs was signed by both contending sides and special envoys from the African Union and Ethiopia.

The UN congratulated the AU on its contribution to bringing about a positive change of situation in Sudan.

The AU mapped out a flexible strategy while calling on those concerned with the Sudanese issue to make redoubling efforts so as to settle the difference in views.

Problems for putting an end to regional disputes were intensively discussed with the 12th AU peace and security council meeting as the momentum. Later, negotiations took place between the parties involved in the dispute.

In a recent few months, peace pacts were concluded between Ethiopia and Eritrea and between the parties involved in the dispute of Mozambique, which gave relevant regions fresh hope for prosperity and development.

Saying that the atmosphere of peace which is being created one after another in the continent is unthinkable apart from the endeavour of the AU, foreign media commented that the union is reshaping Africa at a fast pace by exercising considerable influence.

The change of situation in the African continent demonstrates to the international community that Africans can settle regional problems by themselves and highlights the position of the AU.

(Pyongyang Times - September 13, 2019)
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