US sanctions doomed to failure

By Min Chol

As the US extends the range of sanctions on different countries, it is met by fiercer rejection across the world.

dprk rally
(Uriminzokkiri file photo: Mass rally of Pyongyangites against imperialist sanctions)

Recently, the US announced it would impose sanctions on Lebanese lawmakers and high-ranking officials and threatened to add much more to the sanctions list against Iran. It also slapped sanctions against a Cuban state-run company on the pretext that it is in business dealings with Venezuela.

According to a press spokesman for the Chinese ministry of commerce, the US recently added five more Chinese businesses onto the list of entities under export control and thus 47 Chinese businesses or organizations were included in the list this year alone.

At present, over 20 bills dealing with sanctions against Russia are reportedly under consideration in the US Congress.

Allied nations are also involved in the targets of the US sanctions. It ended the preferential trade relations with Turkey for the reason that the latter cooperates with Russia economically and militarily, while threatening European nations that it would impose strong sanctions on them in case they import oil from Iran.

Covering such facts, foreign media asserted that the US regards sanctions as an almighty magic wand for attaining its goals.

“According to our estimations, the US’ sanctions target natural and juridical persons in about 70 countries. However, many countries have found the way to cope with them,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryavkov told a magazine.

Analysts say it is the reality that the opposition to US sanctions grows and the coercive measures do not work anymore.

The Russian and Bolivian presidents said the US’ unilateral sanctions are never tolerable, while the Chinese government stated that it would protect the legitimate rights and interests of its businesses from the US’ pressure and sanctions.

Cuba, Venezuela and some other countries criticize the US for using sanctions as a tool for forcing its political intentions upon governments it dislikes, noting the US has no right to take unilateral steps against foreign organizations and such actions are assaults on sovereign states. Turkey also adopts a tough stance, announcing that it would take retaliatory measures if the US imposes sanctions.

The speaker of the Lebanese parliament dubbed the sanctions an attack on the country and called on the international community to take necessary measures against the injustice.

The Iranian foreign minister said to reject the US dollar in foreign trade is an effective way to counter the US sanctions against the country, adding Iran and Turkey are conducting 35 percent of bilateral trade in their own currencies.

Taking Iran as an example, analysts commented that the US’ sanctions are doomed to failure.

(Pyongyang Times -  August 5, 2019)

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