US intention to reverse socialist Venezuela

By Choe Jin Hyang

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Not long ago US Commerce Secretary said the US was ready to support Venezuela's reconstruction.

He said that if Guaido, a rival of Venezuelan president Maduro, took over the government, there would be an urgent need for capital inflows to wipe out the socialism of this country. He said would support market reforms and privatizations with investment and etc.

This made it even more clear the source of the situation deterioration in Venezuela, and the pursuit by the US.

As known, the current situation in Venezuela is hard to grasp.  The political confrontation between president Maduro and his opposing figure Guaido led the country into chaos. Due to Western interference, moreover, the situation is becoming more complicated.

The US and Western countries by all means are trying to remove president Maduro and erect Guaido.  It is hardly possible for Maduro, who succeeds to the former president Chavez's socialist line, to be favored by the US.

The confrontation between the two rivals is not yet terminated in Venezuela. Both sides held several rounds of talks sitting together, but got no results. The international community hopes the Venezuelan issue to be solved in a peaceful method through dialogue.

Nevertheless, the US began to claim to advocate whatever "assistance" to Guaido as if Venezuela became a rice cake which the US had eaten all.

The deterioration of socioeconomic situation in Venezuela is owed to nothing else but the illegal and unilateral sanctions by the US on Venezuelan major economic sectors. The US tightened sanctions on Venezuela's financial and crude oil fields and etc, and froze overseas assets of its governmental and individual figures. The US sanctioned Cuban importers of Venezuelan crude oil, and continues to expand the scope of sanctions.

Foreign news are arguing that the US economic terror has no international legal basis and that many people in the international community ignored such actions causing a loss to Venezuelan economy.

If so, where is the US purpose?

Obviously, it is to overturn the government of Maduro in any case.

The US is trying to deal a blow to the Venezuelan economy through sanctions in order to make Venezuelan people turn their backs from the government. And it is attempting to drive wedge into a crack between government and military in order to have the army turn their guns.

On the other hand, the US says about the legitimacy of Guaido side, and supplies assistance to them. The purpose is the isolation of president Maduro. and then establishment of a government obedient to the US in Venezuela. It literally reminds of the "color revolution" that had swept countries in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Public opinions ridicule the US. It resembles making of a casket for a living person. It is something ill-matched with attired appearance of the US.

Stepping aside from the unchanging Maduro, the US suggests "reconstruction of Venezuela", and keeps loudly talking about eradication of socialism, reforms of market, and aid to privatization.

* Google AI translations of an article appeared in Rodong Sinmun on August 14, 2019.

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