US demands hike in ‘defence cost sharing’

By Choe Yong Nam

The south Korean authorities that are faced with a serious crisis caused by Japan’s shameless economic aggression are pressurized into increasing “defence cost sharing” by the US before the negotiations for the 11th special agreement on defence cost sharing.

The US asserts that south Korea has an obligation to make a contribution to military protection offered by Americans and they also need to exact the costs for joint war exercises. Shortly ago, it advertised that south Korea agreed to pay more money to the US and negotiations are under way. Under the circumstances, the US Department of State said that the increment of defence cost sharing was one of the problems they have pushed stubbornly.

The reality clearly proves that “blood alliance” and “sound alliance” with the US much touted by south Korea whenever the opportunity arises are a noose of domination and plunder for the own interests of the US.

The problem is that the south Korean authorities showed a sign to assent to the gangster-like demand of the US in a meeting with its defense secretary in Seoul, while referring to the buildup of “alliance” with the US, the “correct standards” for the defence cost sharing and the “improvement of payment method”. Their servility will bring only greater misfortune and disasters to the south Korean people.

It is natural that south Koreans urge the authorities to realize national independence free from the disgraceful pro-US submissive policy as they cannot repress astonishment at the brigandish demand of the US.

(Pyongyang Times -  August 25, 2019)

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